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Drag Harrow

The Delta Flexible Harrow is the most effective inexpensive tool for terrain grooming and pasture management.

Additional Information
  • 1/2" Material on ALL Harrows
  • Flexible Two-Way design for optimum debris clearance
  • Drag Harrows: Bars and Sections
  • Carted Harrows
  • Hydraulic Kits
Other Characteristics

Through uncompromising quality, uncommon efficiency, and long term reliability, the S3 Delta Harrows Inc. team has secured their place in the AG sector. Today, the company produces the number one flex harrow in North America: the Delta Flexible Harrow.

While tillage equipment options available today become increasingly complex, the Delta Flexible Harrow remains an easy-to-use, effective, inexpensive multi-use tool for a very wide array of terrain management chores.

The Delta Harrow has been designed with flexibility that allows for a broad range of applications. Here are a few in which it excels: Turf Management, Dirt/Gravel Roadway Maintenance, Pasture Management, Forage Crop Improvement, Arena Resurfacing, Seedbed Preparation, Corn Stalk Leveling and Minimum/No-Till Practices.

Delta Sections are made of extremely high-quality cold formed tines that are second to none on the market. Belco Resources Equipment highly recommends 1/2” tines, though Delta does offer 7/16” and 5/8”.

Model    Desc.    Recommended Sections    Weight     
Drag Bars - Section Only
24-110487    4' bar    1 - 4'x4' section    22 lbs.    
24-110488    6' bar    1 - 6'x8' section    33 lbs.
24-110489    8' bar    2 - 4'x8' section    43 lbs.
24-110490    10' bar    2 - 10'x4'' section    54 lbs.
24-110491    12' bar    2 - 6'x8'' section    64 lbs.
Drag Harrow - Section Only
24-202111 4'x4' Section - 75lbs.    
24-202112    4'x8' Section    - 133lbs.
24-202113    6'x8' Section    - 216lbs.
24-202114    10'x4' Section    - 54lbs.
24-202115    10'x8' Section    - 358 lbs.
 ATV Mini Harrow
ATV4    4' ATV Mini Harrow    -    105 lbs.    
 ATV6   6' ATV Mini Harrow    -    165 lbs.