Tar River Rear Blades

Tar River Implements offers a full line of rear blades to fit your entire needs.

Tar River Reverse Rotation Medium Duty Rotary Tiller

Reverse Rotation tillers provide a cleaner and smoother finish in less passes than a forward rotation tiller.

Tar River Rotary Cutter

Looking for a brush cutter that works as hard as you? Tar River Implements has a complete line of rotary cutters from 4’ all the way to 15’ to handle any job that you need.

Tar River Round Back Rotary Cutter

The new Tar River round back rotary cutter comes in 4, 5 and 6ft. widths. These cutter are well made and come standard with front and rear chain shielding. We offer a 4 and 5 ft with shear pin and a 5 and 6 foot w/slip clutch. These cutters come with a 3 year limited gear box warranty.

Tar River Side Shift Rotary Tiller

Specifically designed and engineered for sub-compact tractors in the 15-25 Horsepower range.

Tar River Steel 3-Point Spreaders

A high-quality spreader with special heat-treated paint that resists rust that will hold up to 677 lbs and spread up to 46’.

Tar River Sub-Compact Spreader

This spreader is built especially for Sub-Compact tractors that cannot attach to regular-sized spreaders.

Tar River Sub-Soiler / Middle Buster

Adjustable Ripping/Digging Depth with a Cat. 1 Hitch.

Tar River Trailer Mover

Designed to Move Empty Trailers with the Tractor’s 3-Pt Hitch

Tar River Wood Chipper

Tar River Implements proudly introduces the BWC Series Wood Chipper for your home landscaping needs.

TRA 4-in-1 Buckets

4-in-1 Bucket available in two models. Compact and Heavy Duty

TRA Adapter Brackets

Adapter Brackets- Euro/Global to Universal Skid Steer and JD to Universal Skid Steer

TRA Backhoe

DIG-BIG Backhoe stiff arm is great for digging ditches, stump removal, etc

TRA Bale Grabber Explore
TRA Bale Slicer

Bale Slicers available with bolt on Universal Skid Steer or Global Mounts. Available in 2 sizes; 5 foot and 6 foot bale capacities

TRA Bale Unwinder

3 Spear Hydraulic Bale Unwinder with 3 point and Universal Skid Steer mount

TRA Bolt-on Tooth Bars

Convert a Smooth Edge Bucket into a Tooth Bucket

TRA Compact Pallet Forks

Light, Durable Frame & Forks great for Compact Tractors

TRA Compact Root Grapples

Single and Double Tine Root Grapples designed for Compact Tractors under 40 HP, Comes in 48", 60", 66" and 72"

TRA Compact Utility Buckets

Compact Utility Buckets