Tar River Implement Handler

Lift-Safe Implement Handler

Tar River Implements Drum Mowers

Tar River Implements is proud to introduce the new line of Drum Mowers. With very few moving parts, low maintenance and a heavy built frame, the Tar River Drum Mower is a great economic alternative to the Disc and Sicklebar Mowers while still giving a good cut.

Tar River Land Leveler

Tar River Implements is proud to introduce the LB Series Land Leveler available in 3 popular sizes.

Tar River Landscape Rakes

Add the finishing touch to your yard or work space.

Tar River Medium Duty Rotary Tiller

Using quality components that are made to last, the YCT Series Rotary Tiller by Tar River Implements is built heavy enough to handle your tilling needs and for the price, it can cut through the competition.

Tar River No-Till Drill

The SAYA-505 is a 55" and the SAYA-507 is a 78" cost effective Light Duty No-Till Drill with front coulter package.

Tar River Pendular Spreader

Designed to provide excellent precision while at the same time being versatile enough to spread materials with .different weights, textures, and sizes

Tar River Poly 3-Point Spreader

Bottom opening gates ensure constant and accurate flows that are not available on side outlet spin spreaders.

Tar River Professional Finishing Mower

Built for those more demanding jobs, the 500 Series Professional Series Finishing Mower by Tar River Implements.

Tar River Pull-Type Spreader

Available in Poly and Steel Hoppers, built with steel gears, this ground drive unit will hold up to the rigors of your everyday needs. Two sizes, 225 and 360 lb capacity.

Tar River Quick-Hitch Adapters

Heavy-Duty Steel Category 1 or Category 2 Adapters

Tar River Rear Blades

Tar River Implements offers a full line of rear blades to fit your entire needs.

Tar River Reverse Rotation Medium Duty Rotary Tiller

Reverse Rotation tillers provide a cleaner and smoother finish in less passes than a forward rotation tiller.

Tar River Rotary Cutter

Looking for a brush cutter that works as hard as you? Tar River Implements has a complete line of rotary cutters from 4’ all the way to 15’ to handle any job that you need.

Tar River Round Back Rotary Cutter

The new Tar River round back rotary cutter comes in 4, 5 and 6ft. widths. These cutter are well made and come standard with front and rear chain shielding. We offer a 4 and 5 ft with shear pin and a 5 and 6 foot w/slip clutch. These cutters come with a 3 year limited gear box warranty.

Tar River Side Shift Rotary Tiller

Specifically designed and engineered for sub-compact tractors in the 15-25 Horsepower range.

Tar River Steel 3-Point Spreaders

A high-quality spreader with special heat-treated paint that resists rust that will hold up to 677 lbs and spread up to 46’.

Tar River Sub-Compact Spreader

This spreader is built especially for Sub-Compact tractors that cannot attach to regular-sized spreaders.

Tar River Sub-Soiler / Middle Buster

Adjustable Ripping/Digging Depth with a Cat. 1 Hitch.

Tar River Trailer Mover

Designed to Move Empty Trailers with the Tractor’s 3-Pt Hitch