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TRA Drill-Big Auger

DRILL-BIG auger available Standard Duty and Serious Duty
Additional Information
Engineered for Maximum Strength & Durability 2” Hex Output Shaft Pivots both horizontally & vertically High Torque Planetary Drive for more power and long life Units Come Standard With Flat Faced Couplers & Hoses Standard Universal Skid Steer Mount
Model Description Mount Weight
DBA100 Standard Duty Auger (drive only) Universal Skid Steer 340 lbs.
DBA200 Serious Duty Auger (drive only) Universal Skid Steer 360 lbs.
AB4 4" Auger Bit
45 lbs.
AB6 6" Auger Bit
48 lbs.
AB9 9" Auger Bit
85 lbs.
AB12 12" Auger Bit
115 lbs.
AB15 15" Auger Bit
130 lbs.
AB18 18" Auger Bit
175 lbs.
AB20 20" Auger Bit
185 lbs.
AB24 24" Auger Bit
280 lbs.
AB30 30" Auger Bit
325 lbs.
AB36 36" Auger Bit
445 lbs.