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Tar River Poly 3-Point Spreader (SP, SSP)

Bottom opening gates ensure constant and accurate flows that are not available on side outlet spin spreaders.

Additional Information

Variable positioning gate openings and fin adjustments allow material to drop on different positions of the spinning disc thereby giving a left-right-center spread pattern. Dependable gearboxes provide years of excellent service. With the Blender Spreader Option, combine various types of fertilizer, fungicides, herbicides, seeds, and sand or any combination of all three into the hopper and the fountain blender will blend all the products and keep them consistently blended as they are spread.

Other Characteristics

Heavy, Durable Gearbox Standard Agitator When 6+ spreaders are ordered deduct $50 from the list price (applicable discounts apply). These can be combined with SSS Series spreaders to get 6 units but must be ordered in pairs for stacking purposes.

Available Options

Blender Attachment for SSP-400 Spreader (SBL-001), Roller Wheel Agitator (ARS-12)

Model Capacity lbs. Capacity Cu. Ft. Hopper Height Spread Swath Wt. lbs Wt. Ship lbs
Galvanized Spreading Fins and disc openers
SSP-250 575 6.9 39" 49' 123 148
SSP-400 860 10.59 43" 49' 130 155
Stainless Steel Spreading Fins and Disc Openers
SP-300SS 716 8.6 42" 46" 127 152
SP-500SS 1,121 12 46" 46' 135 160