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Tar River Compact Side Shot Spreader (SR)

Designed for precise spreading of fertilizer and salt or sand.

Additional Information

The material shoots out of the sides making it a perfect tool for winery/vineyards, blueberry farms, Christmas tree farms or anywhere else that precise application is necessary. “Side-Shot” components can be removed to use the spreader as any typical 3-Point mounted Fertilizer Spreader.

Other Characteristics

Standard Grate Filter Standard Hydraulic Lever Control for Spreader Gate

Available Options

SR-002 Kit for 180 degree spread

Model Max Capacity Spread Swath Unit Dimensions (H x W) Weight
SR-600 1,719 lbs. 26' - 59' 38" x 51" 229 lbs.
SR-800 2,204 lbs. 26' - 59' 40" x 55" 264 lbs.