ECONO-WRAP Bale Wrapper - 3 Point

Econo Wrap

Too much rain? Try wrapping your hay with the Econo-Wrap Single Bale Wrapper. The Econo-Wrap Bale Wrapper was designed with the average farmer in mind and is ideal for small-scale hay producers.

Available Models

Bale Wrapper
Vertical Bale Positioner - EW-450A

Available Options

EW-001 Vertical Bale Positioner EW-450S

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These Single Bale Wrappers are built using high-quality components at a very affordable price. The 3 Pt. Hitch Stationary model EW-450A will do bales up to 4'x5', Heavy built and economically priced for hay operations doing less than 300 bales per year

Film Size
Max Bale Size
Max Bale Weight
Min HP
Weight of Wrapper

3 Pt. Hitch
20" or 30"
4' x 5'
2100 lbs
40 HP
1091 lbs

Bale Guides To Provide Even Placement of Film Wrap

Film Slicer At The End of Rotary Table Cuts Film After Bale Is Unloaded and New One Is Set Back On For Continuing Operation

Quality Components Such As The Hydraulic Motor & Bevel Gears Ensure A Long Machine Life


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