Tar River Land Leveler

Tar River Implements

Tar River Implements is proud to introduce the LB Series Land Leveler available in 3 popular sizes.

Available Models

Land Leveler - 48" - GREEN
Land Leveler - 48"
Land Leveler - 48" - RED
Land Leveler - 60" - GREEN
Land Leveler - 60" - ORANGE
Land Leveler - 60" - RED
Land Leveler - 72" - GREEN
Land Leveler - 72" - ORANGE
Land Leveler - 72" - RED
Land Leveler - 84" - GREEN
Land Leveler - 84"-ORANGE
Land Leveler - 84"-RED

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These sturdy built units are great for a variety of applications from landscaping to work around the farm or homestead. Because they are not designed to move dirt, a lower HP tractor can use these. Scarfier shanks and grading blades are multi-adjustable.

ModelWorking WidthMax HPWeightLB448"50455 lbsLB560"50589 lbsLB672"50700 lbsLB784"50759 lbs


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