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The Tar River hydraulic offset pivoting ditch bank mower is the ideal machine to maintain ditches or embankments around your property. Hook up to the standard 3 point like a normal flail mower that is pulled directly behind the tractor, but when in the full operating position, it will mow up to 90 °down and up to 56°. All models come standard with heavy hammer knives and a perfectly balanced rotor for a smooth operation

Available Models

Ditch Bank Flail Mower - Light Duty 3 pt - 53"
Ditch Bank Flail Mower - Light Duty 3 pt - 61"
Ditch Bank Flail Mower - Med. Duty 3 pt - 69"
Flail Side Mower 63"
Flail Side Mower 71"

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MODELWORKING WIDTHCUTTING ANGLEMIN HPWEIGHTLight & Medium Ditchbank MowersBCRL-13553"90° UP & 55° Down30664 lbs.BCRL-15561"90° UP & 55° Down35697 lbs.BCRM-17569"90° UP & 55° Down451,002 lbs.Heavy Duty Ditchbank MowersRB-16060"90° UP & 56° Down701,610 lbs.RB-18067"90° UP & 56° Down851,940 lbs.


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