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TRA Bale Slicer

Bale Slicers available with bolt on Universal Skid Steer or Global Mounts. Available in 2 sizes; 5 foot and 6 foot bale capacities
Additional Information
Best used with 2500 PSI
Available Options
RBS-A01 Universal Skid Steer, RBS-A02 Euro/Global
Model Description Capacity Mount Weight
RBS-200 Round Bale Slicer - Round Bales 5’ 5 x 5 Bolt-on 992
RBS-600 Round Bale Slicer - Round Bales 6’ 6 x 6 Bolt-on 1719
RBS-A01 Universal Skid Steer Bolt-on Bracket
RBS-A02 Euro/Global Bolt-on Bracket