Tar River Rear Blades

Tar River Implements

Tar River Implements offers a full line of rear blades to fit your entire needs.

Available Models

BRB-205 Rear Blade 60" - Standard Duty Economy Series
BRB-206 Rear Blade 72" - Standard Duty Economy Series
BRB-207 Rear Blade 84" - Standard Duty Economy Series
BRB-506 Rear Blade 72" - Medium Duty Series
BRB-507 Rear Blade 84" - Medium Duty Series
BRB-508 Rear Blade 96" - Medium Duty Series
BRB-907 Rear Blade 84" - Heavy Duty Series w/ Hydraulics
BRB-908 Rear Blade 96" - Heavy Duty Series w/ Hydraulics
BRB-909 Rear Blade 108" - Heavy Duty Series w/ Hydraulics
Hydraulic Cylinder Kit for Tilt (BRB-9 Series)

Available Options

Please note: BRB-2 Series Standard Duty blades come 2 per crate and must be ordered in pairs., Optional Hydraulic Cylinder Kit for Tilt (on BRB-9 Series) (BRB-009HC)

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From the Lighter Standard Duty 60" blade for simple grading jobs all the way up to the 6-way Heavy Duty with Hydraulic Tilt, Angle and Offset in an 9' version for your toughest jobs. Available in 3 models, Standard, Medium and Heavy Duty.

ModelWorking WidthM. Board HeightM. Board ThicknessM. Board OffsetM. Board Angle & TiltMax HPWeight LbsStandard Duty Economy BRB-20560"14"1/4"N/AYes40190BRB-20672"14"1/4"N/AYes40216BRB-20784"14"1/4"N/AYes40243Medium Duty 6-WayBRB-50672"13"1/4"YesYes60333BRB-50784"13"1/4"YesYes60355BRB-50896"13"1/4"YesYes603776-Way Heavy DutyBRB-90784"19"1/4"YesYes90908BRB-90896"19"1/4"YesYes90939BRB-909108"19"1/4"YesYes90979

Hydraulic Angling Cylinder Comes Standard on BRB-9 Series


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