Tar River Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller

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Built to suit the needs of larger tractors and more agricultural applications.

Available Models

RXT-072-G Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller-GREEN
RXT-072 Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller --- RED
RXT-080-G Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller -GREEN
RXT-080 Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller --- RED
RXT-088-G Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller-GREEN
RXT-088 Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller --- RED
RXT-096-G Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller-GREEN
RXT-096 Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller --- RED

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The Tar River RXT Series Rotary Tiller is rated for up to 120 HP tractors. Using spiral center gearbox gears, extra thick rotor assembly and a tough A-frame the RXT tiller can handle your roughest jobs. Available in working widths of 66", 73", 84" and 92".

ModelWorking WidthBlades per FlangeDriveHPPTO DrivelineWt. lbs.Shipping Wt lbs.RXT-07266"6Gear50 - 120Series 6 S/C9451,045RXT-08073"6Gear55 - 120Series 6 S/C9701,070RXT-08884"6Gear60 - 120Series 6 S/C1,0151,115RXT-09692"6Gear65 - 120Series 6 S/C1,0691,169

Powder Coat Paint

Solid A Frame

Waterproof Rotor Supports


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