Tar River Drum Mower

Tar River Implements

With very few moving parts, low maintenance and a heavy built frame, the Tar River Drum Mower is a great economic alternative to the Disc and Sicklebar Mowers while still giving a good cut

Available Models

Drum Mower 53" 2 Drums-2 Blade
Drum Mower 65" 2 Drums-3 Blade
Drum Mower 73" 2 Drums-3 Blade
Hydraulic Conversion Kit -185

Available Options

Hydraulic Lift Kit for BDR-165 [BDR-A60], Hydraulic Lift Kit for BDR-185 [BDR-A80]

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The BDR Series Drum Mower can mow at high speeds and offer reliable mowing in all conditions, easily cutting through tall and thick grasses. Available in 3 popular sizes, Tar River Implements has a perfect fit for your small hay operation. Each unit comes with a toll to change the blades & an extra set of blades!!! Now available with optional hydraulic Lift!!

No. of Drums
Blades P/ Drum
Category Hitch
Working Width
Min. Recommended Tractor Weight
Min. HP
Hydraulic Lift Kit Option Available

Cat. 1
4' 5"
2100 lbs
20 HP
661 lbs

Cat. 1 & 2
5' 5"
2600 lbs
28 HP
794 lbs
Yes - BDR-A60

Cat. 1 & 2
6' 1"
3900 lbs
35 HP
893 lbs
Yes - BDR-A80

Mow at High Speeds

No Hydraulics Necessary (unless using Hydraulic Conversion Kit)

Few Moving Parts & Easy Maintenance

Great Alternative to Disc & Sicklebar Mowers for Small Hay Producers

Easily Cuts Through Tall & Thick Grass

Designed for Reliable Mowing in All Conditions


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