TRA Manure Forks

Tar River Attachments

Manure Forks with replacement tines

Available Models

60" Manure Forks
72" Manure Forks
60" Manure Forks - Euro/Global Mount
60" Manure Forks - JD Mount
72" Manure Forks - Euro/Global Mount
72" Manure Forks - JD Mount

Available Options

JD or Global/Euro Mount

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Other Products

Product CodeDescriptionMountWeightMF60 Manure Fork - 60"Universal Skid Steer391 lbsMF72Manure Fork - 72"Universal Skid Steer445 lbs.JDMF60Manure Fork - 60"John Deere391 lbs.EGMF60Manure Fork - 60"Euro/Global391 lbs.EGMF72Manure Fork - 72"Euro/Global445 lbs.JDMF72Manure Fork - 72"John Deere445 lbs.



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